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Sharp Sight Centres

Welcome To Sharp Sight Centres - A Group Of Superspeciality Eye Hospitals

Sharp Sight Centres considered to be  as one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi, India were a result of our vision of creating futuristic eye care institutes with a focus on patient comfort in an friendly warm environment, and yet giving a dedicated cutting edge technology in the eye care industry at affordable rates.

Sharp Sight Centres since their establishment in 1998 have been at the fore front of technological breakthroughs in the field of ophthalmology in the country. Our goal was to establish centres of excellence providing consistent high level eye care using the best available surgical skills and technology.

We were among the first few to perform Lasik Laser Eye Surgery and Cataract Surgery in India by Topical Phacoemulsification (injection less / drop anaesthesia) and now the Phaconit or Microincison Cataract Surgery in the country also called S-MICS. Also Sharp Sight Centres were amongst the first ones to start the Crystalens IOL implant in the country.

In addition to providing laser vision correction & cataract surgery the centre provides comprehensive eye care diagnosing and treating medical and surgical diseases of the eye including Occuloplastic Surgery, Viteroretina, Glaucoma, Squint etc. Sharp Sight Centres has complete Viteroretina clinics equipped with both medical & surgical retina treatment facilities.

What makes Sharp Sight Centres unique from the other hospitals is their relationship management.  Sharp Sight Eye care hospital in Delhi believes in building a strong bond with its patients so as to extend the necessary treatment in the best possible manner along with taking into a variety of socio-economic and other factors affecting the lives of the patients at that time. Our core management team draws the most affordable eye treatment package that you will find in India.

We aim at creating an eye hospital in India that is conducive to all the above mentioned characteristics in the best amalgamation of eye healthcare and hospitality with an added advantage of medical tourism a feature well appreciated by our international patients. Associate with Sharp Sight Centres for your eye’s benefit. We will make you see the world better than before!

  • "Testimonials"

    "Samir Sud is the most skillful and compassionate of eye doctors. Whenever my parents needed attention; today whenever our child needs attention, we turn to his precious hands.

    "I am very happy with the decision to get my glasses removed."

    Mr. Arun Shourie
    Former Minister Govt. of India
    Telecommunication, IT, Disinvestment,
    Member of Rajya Sabha

  • "Testimonials"

    "Sharp Sight Centre is amongst the best eye center with state of the art equipment and world class 'care' facilities. I got my mother-in-law operated for cataract. The surgery was done in a matter of minutes. Doctors are highly trained professionals, one of them being an ex-service man.

    "I am very happy with the decision to get my glasses removed."

    Lt. Gen. (Retd.) K.M.Seth
    Underwent: Cataract Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "I got my both eyes Cataract Surgery performed with S-MICS techniquewithin a gap of one week in Delhi at SHARP SIGHT CENTRES. It's a matter of great satisfaction that these new techniques and procedures can actually fully restore someone's vision affected by cataract. The surgery was performed in a few minutes. It was painless and the recovery time was very fast.

    "I am very happy with the decision to get my glasses removed."

    Prof. D. P. Agrawal
    Chairman, UPSC
    New Delhi
    Underwent: S-MICS Cataract Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "The cataract surgery which I have recently undergone at the Sharp Sight Centre by MICS technology has given new meaning to my life.

    "I am very happy with the decision to get my glasses removed."

    Mr. G. S. Bajpai
    Fmr. Secretary RAW
    Underwent: S-MICS Cataract Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "Eyes are the most precious organ in the body, and any surgical procedure on the eyes requires a lot of precision & expertise, when I had to decide for a lasik surgery on my eyes.

    "I am very happy with the decision to get my glasses removed."

    Ms. Rashmi Nigam
    Underwent: Lasik Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "I was having power of -6.5 in one eye and -6 in the other eye and both had cylinder of 2. I had to remember that I had to always wear glasses to have clear vision. I am 23 years old and it was detected at birth that I had such powers.

    "Life after surgery is so beautiful."

    Ms. Jyoti Bagri
    Underwent: Lasik Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "I used to wear (-) 1.25 & (-) 1.5 both sphere and cylinder. It was just a 15 minutes procedure. The surgery was very comfortable and not painful at all. Next day I was back to my work feeling perfectly fine and I got back to my work without any trouble."

    "I am feeling very nice and very happy"

    Ms. Deepti Age: 25
    Underwent: Lasik Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "I was having power of -11 in both the eyes. I was having lot of problems. I had to always wear glasses. While driving at night I was unable to see. I had to face lot of problems. Since removal of my spects after surgery I feel very confortable and confident. It appears life has restarted. Its a life transforming experience."

    "Life Transforming Experience"

    Mr. Farooqi
    Underwent: Combination Surgery Lasik on one eye & ICL on other eye

  • "Testimonials"

    "When I came here I was wearing (-) 5.75 glasses. I had come to Sharp Sight Centre thinking that the surgery would take a long time and I was quite apprehensive about it. But I still decided to go ahead.

    "This surgery has been a boon for me."

    Mrs. Bhargava Age: 46
    Underwent: Lasik Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "I was wearing -22 in my left eye and -12 in my right eye and i have been wearing very thick glasses since my childhood. So I have never ever experienced even the thought of being without glasses for ever, my life would start in the morning with glasses, without which I was completely blinded even simple task like eating food without glasses was nearly impossible.

    "It was a new life experience for me"

    Mrs. Khatri
    Underwent: Combination Treatment Customized Lasik on one eye
    and CLE with Multifocal Implant on other eye

  • "Testimonials"

    "The surgery lasted for 15 minutes each eye took 7-9 minutes. My Right eye was -1.75 and Left eye was -2.25 and now I am 6/6 without glasses. It is been one week time. Since I got operated and I am feeling very great, and it was not painful at all. The doctors were very supportive."

    "My life is know totally changed and now I walk with my sunglasses."

    Ms. Jyoti Age: 22
    Underwent: Lasik Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "The procedure was absolutely painless infact I felt very comfortable the doctor's were very helping and understanding even while the surgery was going on. After the surgery it took only 5 to 10 minutes before I started seeing clearly. There was a world of difference in my vision. And right from the next day I could start my daily normal activities."

    "I am glad that I made that decision and that I will never wear those ugly specs and now I am back in my normal eyes."

    Mr. Sanjay Age: 23
    Underwent: Lasik Surgery (-4.25) power

  • "Testimonials"

    "I was Ok wearing glasses of -4.75 and - 5.0 power till i met some of my friends who had this lasik procedure done and were exceptionally happy about having it done . they told me that the doctors at the sharp sight center are extremely competent and very experienced.

    "THANK YOU SHARP SIGHT, I really a have a sharp sight now."

    Ms. Supriya
    Underwent: Lasik Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "It was a very comfortable experience,the doctors ensured that all my queries were well answered before I was taken up for the surgery. and I am so glad that I got this procedure done. the post operative vision that I have now is a new experience altogether. I had never ever dreamt of having such a visual clarity without spectacles ever in my life ."

    "I am very happy with the decision to get my glasses removed."

    Ms. Sima Sud
    Underwent: Lasik Surgery

  • "Testimonials"

    "I use to wear +9 in right eye and +10 in my left eye and I had squint in my left eye. I have done my surgery in my right eye that is CLE (Clear Lens Extraction) with a multifocal lens. Before this, I use to wear very thick glasses and I tried for Lasik ICL too.
    Both of them were not suitable for my eye. "

    "I am very happy with the decision to get my glasses removed."

    Ms. Shazia Age: 21
    Underwent: Clear lens extraction

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