bladefree Cataract Surgery in Delhi

Femto Laser Cataract Surgery in Delhi

Highly precise, tension free Femto cataract surgery!

India's leading group of eye care hospitals, Sharp Sight is the pioneer in Femtosecond, the cutting edge technology of bladeless Cataract Surgery. Of late, Femto lasers played a major role in vision correction eye surgery conducted through LASIK eye surgery, but now the latest technology of Femto Lasers is successfully used in Cataract Surgery too.

The Robotic Femtosecond Laser Technology has brought new levels of safety, accuracy and predictability to Cataract Surgery thereby minimising discomfort to the patient. This is by far the most advanced, safe and the best technique for correction of Cataract Surgery.

What is Femto cataract surgery?

  • It is 100 percent blade-free
  • Surgical process completes within 1 minute
  • Any openings/entry parts are made with the Femto laser; use of mechanical blades is obsolete
  • It is highly precise surgery
  • Incisions are computer programmed leaving no margin for error
  • It does not cause any damage to cornea
  • Robotic Femto Laser technology aids in dealing even the most complicated cases with upmost ease and precision
  • It heals on its own, thus, minimising any scope for the post surgery infection
  • Chances of post-operative astigmatism are minimised

Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) are one of the very few eye hospitals in the country to acquire FDA approved LENSAR technology. The patient is able to see clearly within a minute with the aid of Robotic Femto Cataract Surgery.

For any vision disorder or refractive error, visit Sharp Sight super-speciality eye hospital near you.

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