6 LASIK Surgery Benefits That Will Tempt You To Dump Your Spectacles Before Getting Married

A wedding is not just about your romantic vows or fulfilling the tradition of pheras. It’s not even about being a beautiful bride or a dapper groom. Infact, for many of us its the special occasion that we cherish for the rest of our lives. And, when we talk of memories, we all want to remember or recall our biggest day looking extra-special and totally hassle-free! Many times, even before the wedding date is formally announced, couples start pre-planning their big day in advance. Right from the choice of outfit to matching jewellery and perfect accessories- everything is more or less sorted out. However, one thing that’s often ignored by many is their ‘eyes’. So, instead of thinking why LASIK now, its time you change your mindset to get LASIK now!

Lasik Couples
Here we enlist six LASIK surgery benefits and why choosing LASIK before your wedding is a super great idea:

#1 Better Vision: Ofcourse, who wouldn’t want to have a better and clearer vision on their D-day! Glasses can make you uncomfortable and at the same time, the thought, if they match well with your wedding attire, can leave you bit uneasy. So, LASIK will not just improve your vision by removing refractive visual errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, but it will also enhance your visual clarity, color contrast, and sharpness, etc.

clear vision

#2 Look Great: No matter how better you feel wearing your glasses but LASIK will make you more confident about your looks. Just picture yourself without glasses in your wedding album or imagine being able to get clicked without having to take off your glasses time and again. Isn’t it relieving? Moreover, if you get clicked with spectacles, the flashlight of the camera might reflect on your glasses which may later show in your wedding album too. Now, isn’t it frustrating?

#3 Hassle Free Shopping: If you wear spectacles and haven’t thought of LASIK yet, then chances are you will have to see how they look with your wedding attire and also if they match with your D-day look at all. Besides, your glasses should look seamless with your bridal jewellery too. And, even if you plan to buy a super-rich designer spectacle frame, still it will be your specs determining your look which should not be otherwise.

Hassle Free Shopping

#4 Picture Perfect: Imagine you excitedly open your wedding album but only to see that there’s not even a single shot where you could see your eyes clearly. It can really leave you fuming! So, before you spend a few thousands or probably lakhs on your wedding photographer, its advisable to go ahead with LASIK laser eye procedure.

#5 Bridal Makeup: No matter how elegant or subdued pair of spectacles you’ve selected for your wedding day, in case of brides, they can act as a makeup spoiler. Spectacles draw a lot of attention especially if you are a traditional bride. But, besides that your eye makeup, how so ever dark or dramatic it may be, would seem to just disappear beneath your spectacle frames.

Bridal Makeup

#6 Honeymoon Ready: Spectacles can act as a spoiler if you are headed for your honeymoon to some beach destination or to an offbeat adventure location. More than making you confident about your looks, permanent spectacle removal will fill you with new vigour to try out fun activities with your better half that wasn’t enjoyable with glasses earlier. These include activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, paragliding, parasailing, etc.

So, weddings can be overwhelming especially when it comes to planning – be it your D-day looks, wedding venue or little minute details that could involve your trousseau shopping, honeymoon destination, etc. And, therefore, to make your wedding a memorable day and definitely a hassle-free experience, we recommend you to seek an appointment with a LASIK specialist immediately. Besides these above-listed LASIK surgery benefits, LASIK happens to be a 100% bladeless, pain-free and stitchless way of getting rid of spectacles in barely 15 minutes. So, its time you stop questioning yourself: Why choose LASIK?

How To Remove Spectacles Permanently With Operation Or Through Blade-free LASIK Procedure

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