Beware-Your Smartphone May Damage Your Eyes

Love your smartphone? Well, who doesn’t! They’ve not just brought the world closer to us through social networking sites but these have also replaced our wristwatches, alarm clocks, iPods and much more. Undoubtedly life without a smartphone or a tablet is unimaginable. But this addiction to these gadgets can cause serious damage to your eyes. And, mind you, its more than just straining your eyes!

Stop Overuse Of Smartphones

How Your Smartphone Ruins Your Eyes

  1. Prolonged near-point activities can lead to symptoms like pain in the eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes and constant headaches, etc.
  2. Small font size on the phone’s screen for long, can lead to myopia.
  3. These days a lot of people have switched to reading books and novels on small screen. Unfortunately, continuous reading or gazing small screen for longer hours is a sure shot recipe for disaster. It guarantees you a headache, eye irritation or pain in eyes etc.
  4. Also, it’s a well-established fact that the blue light emitted from mobiles can suppress the production of Melatonin, which helps regulate sleep. Therefore, overuse of these gadgets can disturb your sleep cycle.redeyes

Stop Overuse Of Smartphones 

While we all agree that smartphones/tablets have many advantages, we can definitely restrict or limit the overuse of these small screens.

  1. Take regular intervals and try to maintain a distance from your phones.
  2. Blink more often as it prevents the eyes from drying.
  3. Reading black letters on a white background can decrease eye strain.
  4. Increase font size that is convenient for your eyes.
  5. Hold your phone at least 30 centimetres away from your eyes when you are using it.
  6. Avoid using the phone in dark and especially at night. The burst of light from the screen can cause immense strain on the eyes.
  7. Do not look at your phone as soon as you wake up or in the middle of the night. This is because when you sleep, the eyes are resting and the pupil is relaxed. A sudden burst of light into the eye causes the muscles in the eyes to retract suddenly. Exposing the muscles of the eyes frequently to such strain could lead to refractive errors.
  8. If your job involves excessive exposure to such screens, remember to use re-wetting drops for the eyes throughout the day.

How Your Smartphone Ruins Your Eyes

So, eventhough your smartphone may be the best thing that happened to you, don’t let them harm your eyes.

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