Bladeless and Affordable Cataract Surgery in South Delhi

eye hospital in south delhi for cataract surgery

Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), one of the most advanced and renowned eye hospitals in Delhi NCR, offers the best cataract surgery in Delhi at very affordable price. We offer treatment for cataract through the latest femtosecond laser technology. It is 100 percent BLADELESS, STITCHLESS and PAINLESS surgery. During the treatment entry parts are made with Laser and unlike other hospitals offering conventional cataract eye surgery in Delhi there is no use of mechanical blades which is what makes it the safest eye surgery. Also, this is by far the most accurate and predictable eye surgery to treat cataract. And Sharp Sight offers this best cataract surgery in Delhi at all our hospitals.

lasik surgery

We have a team of skilled surgeons, advanced machines and world-class equipments to conduct Femto and Micro Incision Cataract Eye Surgery in Delhi. At Sharp Sight, we are offering this best cataract surgery in Delhi through femtosecond laser technology at an unbelievable starting price of Rs 14500/-only!.

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So, if you are looking for an eye hospital for cataract surgery in South Delhi, contact Sharp Sight group of eye hospitals. We rank among the selective few hospitals offering the latest treatment for cataract surgery in South Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi and Ghaziabad.

For queries or to book an appointment for cataract eye surgery in Delhi, contact us at: 01145006162 or 011350051818 or visit


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