Get The Facts About Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery


Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery is the best possible way of getting rid of cataract. The surgery is best-suited even for diabetic, asthma and heart patients, etc. During the hassle-free bladeless laser cataract treatment surgery, which takes barely a few minutes, major steps of conventional cataract surgery are replaced with a computer controlled, highly efficient and sophisticated laser called FEMTOSECOND LASER.

Most important aspect of this surgery is that it offers excellent visual outcome with recovery within 24 hours!


What Makes Femtosecond Cataract Surgery Accurate? 

The Femtosecond Laser is the safest, most precise and convenient laser ever. What makes it safer is the fact that the most complicated steps of cataract surgery are taken over by this laser. These steps include:

* Capsulotomy: The technique in which a small circular opening is made on the covering of the cataract affected lens.

* Lens Fragmentation: The technique in which the cataract is broken into smaller fragments so that it is easily removed by suction.

* Incisions: Its a total Bladefree surgery where the laser makes precise entry point through which the cataract is removed and an Intra-Ocular Lens is implanted.

* Astigmatism Correction: The precision of Femtosecond Laser aids an ophthalmologist in correction of astigmatism along with cataract removal.

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At Sharp Sight Eye Hospital, one of the best eye hospital in Delhi for cataract treatment, we use the latest technologies available in the world for laser cataract surgery.

Unlike conventional surgical methods, the bladeless technique involves no blood loss, no stitch and is totally painless!


Why Choose Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery Over Conventional Cataract Surgery? 

Benefits of bladeless laser cataract treatment are as follows:

  • Accurate
  • Safe
  • Predictable
  • Fully-Automated with supervisory control of the Surgeon
  • Totally Blade-free
  • Astigmatism Correction
  • Wide choice of quality lenses

Other Benefits

  • Reduces any chance of Infections as incision size is small
  • Eliminates common surgical errors
  • Safe for cardiac/diabetic/asthma patients
  • No Blood Loss as it is totally Blade-Free
  • No use of pads or dark glasses
  • Patient can resume normal routine work from next day of the surgery like take head bath, self drive, watch to/read, etc.

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Why Choose Us?

At Sharp Sight Eye Hospital, we perform the Bladefree Femto Cataract Surgery which is the safest and accurate cataract treatment available in the world today. Also, our team of eye surgeons who are the best cataract eye specialists in Delhi NCR help you choose the appropriate IOLs which not just enhance your vision but are well-suited to your lifestyle too.

We offer this most-modern surgery at all our eye hospitals spread across Delhi NCR at affordable cost! 


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