Get Rid Of Cataract With World-Class Femtosecond Laser Technology

Cataracts are frosting of natural lens of eyes and to get rid of them cataract needs to be surgically removed. In a layman’s language, it’s like watching out of a dirty window. But when is the right time to get a cataract removed? According to cataract specilaists there’s nothing like ripening of a cataract or perfect timing to get it removed. Infact the moment it starts hampering your normal daily life, its time to get it surgically removed.

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Generally, cataract surgery is said to be the safest of all ophthalmological procedures and these days with the precision of lasers, such as femtosecond laser, the cataract procedure has become 100 percent bladefree, pain free and safe. Infact, cataract removal with Femto laser assures better visual outcome and enhanced vision than the traditional procedure.

Touchless LASIK Laser Surgery

During a traditional procedure, where surgeons use a blade to create the flap to remove the cataract, the femto laser creates perfectly-sized incisions, which breaks the cataract into small pieces and aids in removing the cloudy lens with much ease. With the result it does not cause any damage to the eye, and fastens the healing process. Besides, during the femto procedure, which is done on an outpatient basis, patients are awake and are required to be still and focused until the cataract lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens called ‘intra ocular lens’ which takes less than 15 minutes.

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The biggest advantage of femtosecond laser is that it allows the ophthalmologist to program the thickness and size of an incision according to the need. Also, it eliminates challenging part of cataract removal surgery and enhances the success rate as even a slight error can lead to visual problems.


So if you or someone in your family is looking for a femto laser cataract surgery in Delhi NCR, contact us.

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