High Blood Pressure Can Damage Your Eyes

High blood pressure can affect your body system in more than one way. Usually it is interlinked with heart. However, problem of high blood pressure also has an adverse effect on our eyes. How is it possible you may ask? Blood pressure doesn’t increase on its own overnight. It slowly and gradually creeps up your body due to improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle. When the blood pressure of a person increases, the blood vessels in the retina i.e. the back part of the eye become constricted which results in blurred images. This blurred vision is associated with hypertension problem experienced with high blood pressure.


Hypertension and Hypertensive Retinopathy

 Hypertension is a complication that is known to hamper your lifestyle for the worse. In such a scenario, thinking it won’t have an impact on your eyesight just because it a problem of the blood is silly. As a matter of fact, there is a name for such condition called hypertensive retinopathy. It is characterized by the damage done to retinal blood vessels by high blood pressure or hypertension which creates problem with the supply of blood ultimately leading to a number of eye vision related problems like blindness.

What are the symptoms of hypertensive retinopathy?

 Symptoms of hypertensive retinopathy can be classified as swelling of optic nerve, narrowing of blood vessels around the eye, vision problems, headaches and permanent loss of vision if remain untreated for long.

Almost 1/3 of all high BP sufferers are not even aware their retinal blood vessels are being damaged. Only a good ophthalmologist can detect this condition early in its stage and cure it accordingly. Going for regular eye checkups is thus recommended.

Treatment for Hypertensive Retinopathy

 In order to treat hypertensive retinopathy, first hypertension needs to be treated by controlling high blood pressure. One should keep their blood pressure levels under control by changing their lifestyle, improving diet, exercising regularly and taking prescription medication for high BP. There are a variety of eye muscles strengthening exercises as well which one can incorporate in their daily routine.

To deal with this kind of a problem serious lifestyle changes are required. Even then it’s not guaranteed that your eyes would survive the blow being given by high BP. You require professional medical assistance. Sharp sight centre is a 14 year old medical establishment that provides advanced treatments for several major eye diseases and conditions like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration,cataract surgery, LASIK laser eye surgery for refractive disorders, occuplasty as well as excellent diagnostics and examination facility. The hospital at present has centres in Delhi, NCR, UP and Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir. It recently inaugurated its 5 centre in Delhi in Shahdara. Sharp sight centre is well equipped to provide you extensive eye health care.

The bottom line comes to this-high blood pressure is a severely dangerous condition and requires immediate medical attention. You require assistance of a good eye care hospital like Sharp Sight Centre for nipping high blood pressure related eye problems in the bud!

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