How to Care After LASIK Laser Surgery



When considering LASIK, make sure you are in safe hands. Inquire about the latest treatments available and discuss the possible complications and options with your surgeon. At Sharp Sight, one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi NCR, we offer LASIK laser surgery through the latest femtosecond technique at affordable cost. We have some of the most experienced and best eye surgeons in Delhi who are assisted by skilled paramedical and medical staff.



While the stitchless, Bladeless and painless surgery may last barley 10 minutes per eye, the complete recovery may take anywhere from a few days to a week. However, for the fast and speedy LASIK laser surgery recovery, follow these tips:

* Make sure you have someone driving you back home post surgery. Avoid self driving on the day of surgery.

* Your eyes would be sensitive soon after the surgery and therefore, they need to be protected from direct sun. As a rule, step out of the hospital with your protective sunglasses.

* Slight discomfort on the day of the surgery is normal. So don’t panic or raise alarm.

* Use eye drops as prescribed by your eye surgeon. These are anti-inflammatory and antibiotics prescribed to ease irritation. Put eye drops on the lower part of the eyelid only.

* Under no circumstances, scratch or rub your eyes for atleast a month.

* Avoid washing your eyes and as a matter of fact even your hair for a few days.

* Keep all foreign particles away. No make-up, no eye make-up, no hair sprays, hair colors/dye or sauna or steam etc. At least for a week be extra cautious.

* Avoid outdoors to keep dust particles away for as long as possible. For a week stay indoors.

* To reduce any risk of infection, avoid swimming or using a hot tub during the first week.

* Wear sunshades while stepping out in sun. We would recommend to keep harsh light away for atleast an year.

* Don’t do any heavy lifting or strenuous activity for about a week.

* The best way to let your eyes heal is by giving them enough rest. Also, remain hydrated by drinking lots of water.

* Most importantly, visit your doctor at the scheduled appointment. In case you experience any pain or redness or any kind of vision disruption, contact your doctor immediately.

Remember, with LASIK laser surgery, a little care goes a long way!

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