How to Protect Your Eyes From Air Pollution

Air pollution is causing many health ailments including various problems of eyes. Infact, there’s a sudden upsurge in people complaining all kinds of eye allergies and infections like watering and red eyes, burning, itchy eyes and dry eyes, etc.


Human eyes are incredibly sensitive. We’ve often experienced the discomfort even with the slightest of dust particle entering our eye. Though air pollution, in form of smog and poisonous gases is a little sneakier than dust and sand, it can have an equal or worse effect on our eyes in the long run.

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The air that we breathe is impure. It has pollutants in form of coarse particles and gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc that are emitted from automobiles, factories and air conditioners that prove to have harmful effect on our health.

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Air Pollution and Eye Infections

There is a spectrum of eye infections occurring due to air pollution. And these are common among people actively involved in outdoor activities, school going children and elderly. They have symptoms like:
* Redness/Swelling
* Burning sensation
* Watery eyes
* Itching
* Dry eyes
* Difficulty in vision due to watering and itching
* Allergic reaction

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Management and Treatment

In case of any symptom or allergy pertaining to your eyes we recommend to get a comprehensive eye check up done. At Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi NCR we have the world-class infrastructure and sophisticated machines to diagnose and treat any eye problem/disorder. Our team of doctors are some of the renowned ophthalmologists in Delhi. Also, we have a separate and dedicated paediatric department that deals with special vision care needs of your young ones.

For dry eye condition the most recommended treatment is artificial tear drops or ointments. Artificial tear drops are generally available over the counter. However, get your eyes thoroughly examined by an ophthalmologist before using/discontinuing any eye drop.

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Precautionary Measures

It would be unrealistic to recommend anyone not to step out fearing air pollution. Although we can’t control air pollution, we can certainly take necessary steps to avoid any damage it causes to your eyes.

*First of all, in case of eye irritation it is advisable to avoid rubbing your eyes so as to prevent any further infection.
*Stay hydrated. Have atleast 2 litre of water everyday.
*Use lubricating eye drops as prescribed by your eye specialist.
*Wear UV protected sunglasses when you step outdoors.
*Avoid contact lens and eye makeup if there’s itching or redness in eyes.
*Most importantly, have a healthy diet specially rich in omega 3.

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