Know About Childhood Cataracts & Their Treatments

Cataracts are a common, inevitable problem of ageing. Its the condition that causes clouding of the natural lens of the eye. However, the condition may sometimes develop in infants and newborn kids too which is often referred to as congenital cataract. But spotting cataract in young ones is rather a difficult task and which is why a new born’s eyes are usually examined on regular basis. These timely diagnostic tests and prompt treatment by a paediatric ophthalmologist often helps in reducing any long-term eye problems as cataracts may be accompanied with other ocular abnormalities too. So if your child faces any vision problems, do not delay and seek an appointment with an eye specialist immediately. For best cataract surgery in Delhi NCR, contact our team of experienced and renowned paediatric ophthalmologists.

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Childhood Cataract

Types of Childhood Cataracts

Childhood Cataracts can be broadly classified as Congenital Cataracts (present right from the birth) and Developmental or Infantile Cataracts (present in children who are 2 years and above).

Causes of Childhood Cataracts

There are a number of reasons that cause cataracts in children and some of them include:

  • Genetic reasons or family history
  • Chromosomal problem
  • Diabetes
  • Injury/trauma caused to the eye after birth
  • Certain infections that affected the mother during pregnancy

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Common Symptoms

Much like in adults, cataracts can affect either one or both eyes of a child. But unlike an adult, a child cannot differentiate and is unaware of the world around him/her. So, as a result, he/she may fail to notice toys/faces or bang in walls or may be little slow to react.

However, some of the common symptoms of childhood cataract may include:

  • Cloudy, blurry or blocked vision
  • Double vision
  • Color brightness problem
  • Misaligned eyes which cause unusual eye movements
  • Greyish, white cloudiness of the pupil

Treatment of Childhood Cataracts

Cataracts may be unavoidable but they are certainly treatable and not all childhood cataracts require a surgery especially if they are mild. Depending on the diagnosis, a child may go through a minor cataract surgery.

Contact Lenses: These can be used post cataract surgery for bilateral/unilateral cataracts in kids especially under the age of two.

Intraocular Lenses (IOL): These are artificial lenses that can be implanted so as to replace the natural lens of the eye. Though this treatment option isn’t widely used so far.

Use of Glasses: After cataract surgery, glasses are recommended usually in children where contact lenses fail to show any benefits. Otherwise too, post-cataract surgery, kids are generally prescribed glasses to perform regular activities.

Cataract surgery is usually successful in most cases with a low risk of serious complications, but it’s very important to get it treated by an experienced cataract specialist only. Post surgery, your child may have to wear a patch especially, if cataract is diagnosed in one eye only.

Is There A Way To Prevent Childhood Cataract?

Cataracts that are a result of family history may not be prevented. However, taking precautions and getting regular tests during pregnancy to avoid any kind of infection may definitely reduce the chances of your child being born with cataracts.

If your child or an elderly in your family is complaining of vision problem, contact Sharp Sight, the best eye hospital in Delhi for cataract surgery. For cataract removal in adults, we offer surgery through the cutting edge blade-free Femtosecond Technology.

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Know About Childhood Cataracts & Their Treatments
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