Robotic Femto Lasik Eye Surgery in India


Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) is India’s premier, NABH accredited Eye Hospital offering Robotic Femto Lasik Eye Surgery in India at affordable price.

The Femto Lasik surgery is the most recent and advanced ocular laser technology intended for people who can’t see without glasses or contacts. The procedure is fast, lasts for over 15 minutes per eye, and is painless. This offers a better chance of stability to the cornea, makes the surgery safer with fast healing and best visual outcomes. So, while our international patients are in India for their treatment, they can simultaneously indulge in some memorable and spectacle-free holiday here.

At Sharp Sight we have a team of super-specialist eye surgeons offering the world-class treatments for refractive errors through Robotic Femtosecond LASIK laser surgery. Beyond LASIK, we are also the pioneers in offering the best Implantable Collamer Lens correction surgery in India or also called as Implantable Contact Lens vision correction procedure. This treatment is ideal for patients with high power glasses for near cornea or Myopia, thin corneas, dry eyes or in certain cases patients with low refractive errors (where Lasik is not possible). Also, for someone considering LASIK over the age of 40 years, Clear Lens Extraction (CLE) surgery or Refractive Lens Exchange surgery is an excellent option.

At Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) we provide all treatments for refractive eyes that are best in class with latest technology and thousands of our overseas patients have gone back home satisfied. So if you or your loved one is thinking of travelling for Bladefree LASIK Eye Surgery treatment in India, look no further than Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospiatls), the best Eye Hospital in India.

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