Sharp Sight (Group of Eye hospitals) #1 Eye Hospital in Delhi NCR


Eyes play a major role in our life. Without sight our life would be like a living hell. Therefore, its important that we do not ignore any vision related problems and reach out only for the best. And, that’s why at Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) we make sure to provide you special care, world-class treatments and top-class facilities at affordable cost. WHY CHOOSE US? We are one of the finest and best eye hospital in Delhi NCR– NABH and CGHS accredited with eye hospitals spread across SOUTH/WEST/EAST/CENTRAL DELHI.Read…

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Smoking Increases Risks For Eye Disease


Smoking harms nearly all our body organs. But did you know it increases your risk for eye diseases too! Adverse effect of cigarette smoking on our health, in form of cardiovascular diseases, lung problems and cancer are well known, but sight-threatening eye problems are little less known. And the more a person smokes, the higher the risks. And, the good news is that soon after you quit smoking, the risks associated with eye health becomes almost negligible – as for people who never smoked. Let’s take you through how smoking…

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How To Be Sure Your Child Has A Squint?

A squint, also known as strabismus is a condition when an eye turns or wanders so that it does not work in an alignment with the other eye. As a result the eye may turn in (converge), out (diverge) or upwards or downwards. The eye may turn all of the time or only sometimes, like when the child is concentrating/focusing. On an average five to eight per cent of children are affected by a squint or a squint related condition. So, if your child appears to have a squint at…

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How To Reduce Digital Eye Strain


Digital Eye Strain though a temporary discomfort that follows after prolonged use of digital devices such as laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc., for two or more hours is a common scenario these days. If we go by figures alone, on an average nearly 9 in every 10 individuals spend more than two hours everyday on their digital device, with one in 10 people spending at least three-fourths of their waking hours on a digital device. Besides there are people who use multiple devices at the same, putting excessive strain on eyes.…

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How Lazy Eye Affects Your Child’s Vision and Lazy Eye Treatments


Lazy eye is usually the manifestation of amblyopia, where one eye experiences significant loss of vision, and sometimes it could also be result of strabismus or “crossed eyes”. Very often people confuse Lazy eye with Strabismus so lets first understand how the two conditions differ and affect your child’s vision. Amblyopia is a developmental problem related to the eye-brain connection where the brain learns to ignore information from one eye. Thus, amblyopia is not a problem with the eye alone- as its not eye that gets lazy; rather its lazy…

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Get Rid of Glasses With The Newest And Most Effective No-Touch LASIK Eye Surgery


One of the major breakthrough in the refractive surgery field came in 1980s with the introduction of the ultraviolet excimer laser. But two other developments- the femtosecond laser and wavefront technology allowed LASIK eye surgery to blossom. And, now with advent of the newest and most effective Touchless technology, people with thin corneas too have a fair chance of leading a spectacle-free life. As the name suggests, Touchless refractive eye surgery is carried out entirely by laser in a single step and is a non-invasive, surface based procedure. So, basically…

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Sharp Sight is Celebrating World Hand Hygiene Day on 5th May 2017


Sharp Sight group of eye hospitals is celebrating world hand hygiene day on 5th May 2017. This Mega patient awareness campaign is an activity planned by quality Manager Ankita B Gill and his team of sharp sighter’s. This activity is attempting “Best of India Records “ and participation of 2000 patients has been their target. On the end of the day the record authority will decide the Record held for the first one to be “Largest awareness campaign on hand hygiene in a day by a private healthcare institution” .  …

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How to Prevent Dry Eyes During Summer Months


Dry eye is caused when your eyes are not well lubricated due to inability to produce sufficient amount or quality tears to nourish the eye. It could be due to hot and dry weather besides various reasons such as diabetes, arthritis and Parkinson’s, etc. Some of the common symptoms of dry eye may include stingy/burning sensation, itching or redness in eyes, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, watery and fatigued eyes, etc. Here are a few simple, practical and effective tips to prevent dry eyes in summer months: Read Also : Top…

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