Safeguard Your Sight Against Glaucoma

What is glaucoma?Glaucoma is an eye disease in which the optic nerve of eye is damaged, causing permanent vision loss. It usually is associated with high Intraocular pressure (IOP). However, some people can experience optic nerve damage even if their eye pressure is normal. If left untreated, glaucoma can cause

Dr Kamal Kapur Wins Ophthalmic Premier League Award

As part of the Ophthalmic Premier League (OPL)Symposium, where all the leading eye surgeons from across the country get an opportunity to demonstrate and explain their most challenging surgical videos of their complicated cases, Medical Director Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) Dr Kamal B Kapur has been awarded the

Expert Talk: Our best eye surgeon and LASIK specialist Dr Aman Malik busts common Myths about LASIK.

Femto Lasik Myths

Some frequently asked questions about LASIK eye surgery.Is LASIK a painful procedure? Not at all. LASIK is completely a painless procedure. We use topical anaesthetical drops to fully numb your eyes before the LASIK surgery begins. So it's totally painless. Infact many patients comment on how surprised they are of not

Tips On How To Prevent ‘Diabetic Retinopathy’ If You Have Diabetes


Communicate History of Your Health Problems To Your Ophthalmologist. Good communication with your eye doctor regarding diabetes, or other such genetic diseases like glaucoma that can pose threat to your vision in later years is essential. It can help your eye specialist to detect the source of visual changes and

Ask The Expert: Dr Anurag Wahi on LASIK Eye Surgery and Laser Vision Correction

What is LASIK? LASIK is a surgical procedure to correct your eye power with the help of laser, a beam of light, to gently reshape the cornea, the surface of the eye, to improve vision. Post surgery you can see without glasses.What is the ideal age for LASIK Surgery?Anyone who is

Choosing the Best LASIK Treatment in Delhi

Gain Confidence By Lasik

Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) gives you an option to lead a spectacle-free life by offering the best LASIK treatment in Delhi NCR. We have come a long way to be recognised as one of the most trusted brands in eye care, offering the best LASIK eye surgery in

How Can You Achieve the Best Cataract Surgery Recovery?

Your cataract surgery recovery should be short and hassle-free, as long as you don't have other major eye problems. At Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi, we make sure that your chances of good outcome and sharper vision after Bladeless cataract surgery

How to Care After LASIK Laser Surgery

How to Care After LASIK Laser Surgery

Read Also : BEWARE-YOUR SMARTPHONE MAY DAMAGE YOUR EYESWhen considering LASIK, make sure you are in safe hands. Inquire about the latest treatments available and discuss the possible complications and options with your surgeon. At Sharp Sight, one of the best eye hospitals in Delhi NCR, we offer LASIK laser surgery

Conjunctivitis Eye Infection Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention


If you woke up one morning and you find your eyes swollen, itching and irritated, then you are most likely suffering from "Conjunctivitis". Today, we will discuss the causes, symptoms and treatment for conjunctivitis, especially in Monsoon-CAUSES Any kind of infection caused by - bacteria, viral, allergen etc. Irritating substance like -

Dr Kamal B Kapur Was Invited as a Faculty at Opthaquest 2016

Dr Kamal b Kapur was invited as a faculty at opthaquest 2016 which an annual academic conference of the top brains in ophthalmology in the country for scientific minds in ophthalmology in the country. He was also awarded trophies for demo stations of some new innovative techniques in surgery and