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What Is Refractive Error?

According to a recent survey more than 120 million alone are suffering from refractive errors in USA alone forget about the rest of the world. This is one of the common eye problems that affect people these days. Blurred vision, weakening of eye muscles, having trouble seeing clearly near or

What Happens To Vision As We Age?

The most appalling drawback of ageing is perhaps the steady loss of your vision. As we age, our eye muscles starts becoming weak and losing their ability to focus which leads to blurred vision. Most of the times, this problem is rectified via wearing glasses both for far and near.

What Is Blade Free Lasik?

How many of you are thinking about getting Lasik laser eye surgery for correcting vision but afraid to go ahead with it? Is it your fear for needles and knives that’s stopping you? Or is it the fear of the laser, a technology that you are not sure about and

Easy EMI Available At Sharp Sight Centre For Lasik Surgery

Everything has become affordable in today's age. So why healthcare wouldn’t remain left behind. And we are not talking about the clichéd medical problems and their treatments only like heart attacks, bypass surgeries, accidents etc. Now you can even improve your eyesight and get perfect vision via Lasik laser eye


LASIK is a name that has become synonymous with perfect vision these days. In fact, more than the elderly it has been the younger lot who has been more enthusiastic about using this special laser refractive eye surgery for vision correction. You have to admit, the idea of getting rid


What is the most common problem suffered by people who wear numbered glasses? It is lack of confidence. Granted glasses are becoming a new style statement these days but not for those who cannot see clearly an inch without them. In fact, for such people wearing glasses all day long