Sharp Sight Participates At Opthal 2018 Conference, Chennai

Eminent Ophthalmologist and Director Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals) Dr Kamal was invited for Opthal 2018 conference held at Chennai.

Opthal is India’s first Practice Development Conference which brings together Ophthalmologists, Eye Hospital Managers, Optometrists, Technicians, Nurses and anyone working in and for Eye hospitals, thus, making the conference a perfect platform to share experiences, foster collaborations across industry and evaluate emerging technologies across the globe.“Its my privilege to be part of Opthal 2018 conference as it provides the perfect platform to maximise the opportunity to interact with and learn from peers from across the country and across the globe. It was a conference about scaling up and practice management sessions, and then there were expert panel discussions and symposium on some of the most unique topics,” said Dr Kamal B Kapur.

Ophthall 2018 offered an insight into Practice Development and focused on business of ophthalmology which regular conferences rarely do.“Ophthalmology and its needs are rapidly growing in India, and the Opthal conference is reflecting that growth,” he added.

Besides, Dr Kapur thanked Opthal for providing platform like this which helps to enhance, improve and share the latest developments in eye surgery and eye care.


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