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Glaucoma Can Be Controlled With Timely Treatment


When Sujata (38) was told that she is a suspicious case of glaucoma, a "silent thief of eyesight", she couldn't believe her ears. Tears trickled down her eyes with the scary thought of going blind in her old age. But, after her ophthalmologist informed her that with regular eye examinations

Ethnicity and Genetics of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a term that has always been associated as being one of the major causes of complete blindness in majority of people in the world. Since it is a disease that goes in hand with diabetes, people with high levels of sugar in their blood are more at risk

Why Should You Take Care Of Glaucoma?

Usually, when the term eye disease comes up, most people recall the names of only few popular eye disorders like cataract, sty and blurred vision due to an allergy or infection. Very few must be aware with the term glaucoma let alone basic knowledge about this very dangerous and common