Top 8 Tips For Effective Healing and Recovery Post Bladeless LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery, especially the Bladefree Robotic LASIK Eye Surgery is considered a straightforward procedure these days. One of the many benefits of this surgery is fast healing and minimum recovery time. However, as with any surgical procedure, the body needs to recover. Here are eight safety tips that can speed-up the healing and recovery process

Post Bladefree Robotic LASIK Eye Surgery:


#1 Don’t rub your eyes


This is extremely important. Be particularly careful about not rubbing your eyes during the first 7-10 days following laser eye surgery.


#2 Administer your drops as prescribed

After you have had laser eye surgery, you will be prescribed a series of eye drops as part of your post-surgery plan. Do not skip any medicine and  administer the drops correctly as advised by your eye specialist.

Wash your hands prior to applying eye drops. Minimising any kind of infection is critical post LASIK eye surgery.


#3 Get plenty of rest

Get plenty of rest

Giving enough rest to your eyes, especially the first day is important as sleeping is the only time that our body has a real opportunity to repair.


#4 Opt for a bath instead of shower

Opt for a bath instead of shower

A bath may protect your eyes better than water hitting your eyes directly and causing complication during a shower. Besides, shampoo, shower gel and soap can contaminate or irritate your eyes too so it’s advisable to avoid contact with these products.


#5 Avoid playing sports

Avoid playing sports

It’s advisable to avoid playing any kind of sport for almost a month. Sweat, strain and infection due to rubbing eyes may create complications for your eye recovery post surgery. Watersports or any other water activities likes swimming, etc., should also be strictly avoided.


#6 Wear sunglasses

Wear sunglasses

Your eyes will be sensitive to light after laser eye surgery. Avoid extreme levels of sunlight, and if at all you step outside, wear sunglasses. Otherwise too, constantly wearing eye protection helps you to avoid the temptation of rubbing or scratching eyes.


#7 Avoid any kind of make-up

Avoid any kind of make-up
For one week following laser eye surgery you will need to avoid wearing any kind of eye make-up like eye-liner, Kajal, mascara, eye-shadow, etc.


#8 Be patient

Be patient

Being patient is the key because your vision will fluctuate during the first few days and weeks post laser eye surgery, and you may see halos around lights. But don’t panic, this is not permanent. But, in any case, if you feel uncomfortable, speak to your ophthalmologist.

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