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Clear Lens Extraction

Cross-Linking or C3R Eye Treatment in Delhi

C3R or Corneal Collagen Cross-linking with Riboflavin is the non-surgical treatment recommended to arrest or slow down the progression of Keratoconus, a rare condition of the eye which is characterised by progressive thinning of the cornea, thereby resulting in deterioration of the quality of vision. Infact, delay in the treatment of Keratoconus can have a severe impact on patient’s vision. However, patients need to understand that LASIK C3R eye surgery is a treatment that prevents Keratoconus from getting any worse and it is not going to help in removal of your spectacles or correcting your refractive error. Therefore, individuals are likely to continue wearing their newly prescribed glasses or contacts following the C3R eye treatment.

Non-Surgical C3R Eye Procedure

As mentioned above, LASIK C3R is a latest non-surgical advanced treatment for Keratoconus. The procedure aims at enhancing collagen cross-linking strands with the help of Ultraviolet-A light (UVA) and riboflavin eye drops which has a positive effect on the cornea that makes it more rigid and arrests the progression of corneal thinning. It usually takes about an hour to treat each eye.

At Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), we offer the best C3R treatment in India at all our centres, spread across Delhi NCR. Once the C3R Keratoconus Treatment is completed, a soft bandage with contact lens will be placed in the eye and antibiotic drops will be administered. However, the contact lens will be removed in one or two days.

Though most patients with Keratoconus are suitable for the treatment with LASIK C3R, still it's advisable to get your eyes diagnosed by one of our experienced eye surgeons who provide the best C3R treatment in Delhi using the latest technology. However, if your Keratoconus is in the advanced stage, you may require an alternative treatment. So, if you or your loved one has Keratoconus, do not delay any further and seek an appointment for this non-surgical C3R eye surgery immediately.

    Advantages of C3R Treatment

  • Non-surgical, stitchless, painfree procedure
  • Permanent treatment
  • Takes one hour for each eye
  • No follow-up sittings required
  • No hospitalisation
  • Arrests/halts progression of disease
  • No corneal transplant required
  • No precautions
  • Quick healing

For more information on C3R eye treatment in Delhi or our C3R surgery cost in Delhi, please feel free to visit us or get in touch to book a consultation with one of our highly qualified surgeons.