Best Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi

Best Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi

Keratoconus is a disorder of eyes that causes distorted vision, primarily because it restricts the light (entering our eyes) from being focused correctly on the retina. It occurs when the round-shaped cornea becomes thin and irregular cone shaped. Therefore, in a keratoconus-affected cornea, light rays enter the eye at different angles, and not on one focussed point, thus causing a blurred/distorted vision. However, in the earlier stages, the disorder causes slight blurring and distortion of vision which progresses if left untreated. Keratoconus starts showing its first signs and symptoms generally in the late teens and it affects each eye differently. And, as keratoconus progresses, the cornea starts bulging, thereby, affecting vision more severely. In some cases, the cornea may swell and cause a sudden and significant decrease in vision.

Generally, to correct mild vision changes caused due to keratoconus, soft contact lenses may be used and, later, as the disorder progresses and cornea continues to change its shape, rigid gas permeable contact lenses are prescribed. However, to maintain a healthy eyesight and arrest the progression of keratoconus, it's important to get your eyes checked up regularly.

Best Keratoconus Treatment in Delhi

Keratoconus can be diagnosed clinically by Slit Lamp Examination and it can be confirmed by Corneal Topography test. At Sharp Sight (Group of Eye Hospitals), we have team of surgeons who are the top keratoconus specialists in Delhi and we offer the best keratoconus treatment in Delhi through the latest equipments and the world-class infrastructure.

Keratoconus can be corrected surgically by the Corneal Collagen Cross Linking or CXL, which is a new modality of treatment that has a higher success rate. In most cases corneal cross linking reduces the need for corneal transplant however, in some patients when other therapies no longer provide acceptable vision, corneal transplant is seen as a last resort.

At Sharp Sight, our keratoconus treatment cost is affordable and effective.

Also, in some cases CXL and Intacs implants demonstrate promising results for treating keratoconus.

Cornea Transplant in Delhi

At Sharp Sight, we offer treatment of Opaque Cornea or Corneal Blindness through Cornea Transplant. Our team of keratoconus specialists in Delhi offer this treatment where a healthy cornea is transplanted in place of a diseased cornea either entirely through penetrating keratoplasty or in part (lamellar keratoplasty). We pride ourselves in being among the top ten eye hospitals to offer the best keratoconus treatment in India.

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