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Testimonial Mr. Kapil Anand


Mr. Kapil Anand

Underwent: ICL Surgery

"Hi Guys, My Name is Kapil Anand. I went through ICL Surgery few weeks back. My left eye got operated on 1st of December and right eye on 6th of December. It was a total pain free experience. Even I came by myself in metro and then went home alone. You Dont need anyone for the surgery with you. And it was a total pain free experience. You would start experiencing your vision improvement in next 4 to 6 hours after the surgery. And your world will change. Power in my left eye was -6.5 and my right eye it was -7.5. For my left eye it took like 3 minutes to operate the eye and for my right eye it took around 11 to 12 minutes"

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Happy Patients


I am proud to say that after a tedious span of 15 years, I'm finally specs free!

Arunabh Jain

happy patient
happy patient

Sharp Sight Centre is very good Hospital for Eyes Treatment as par my concern.

Sobha Rani

Superb in all area , customer handling by front staff , helpful and well trained doctor .

Karakoti Vj

happy patient
happy patient

This eye centres hospital is one of the best hospitals in delhi ncr !

Vandana Jolly


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